Being a vendor is a great way to meet potential customers.  People tend to buy from those they know, like, and trust.  Getting out in the community and connecting with potential customers is a great way to build potential business relationships and partnerships.  There are a few things you need in place to have a smooth and successful vendor event.  Below we are giving you 5 tips on how to successfully prepare for your upcoming vendor event.  

1. Visuals/Display: Having an eye-catching vendor booth is always key.  Think about it, you're naturally competing with the vendors around you, so it is crucial to stand out amongst others. Be sure to keep your booth organized, clutter-free, and engaging. You could use colorful and bold table cloths, banners, and props to help capture the attention of potential customers. (Check out our set up below).

2. Content: It never fails, people always tend to ask for a business card. Providing something on your table that has your website, email, and or social handles will be helpful to not only you but also those who are stopping by your booth.  You could provide a business card, 4x6 postcard, or even a flyer promoting something new in your business. 

3. Capture Emails & Social Handles: How do you plan to stay in contact with the people you meet?  Collecting emails and building your social media followers will help grow your business and it will allow you to continue building relationships.  (Keep in mind: The people who sign up for your email list might not purchase anything that day; however, they could possibly be future customers.)

4. Forms Of Payment: How will you collect payments?  I highly suggest accepting all forms of payment such as cash app, cash, and debit/credit card.  If you need to purchase a card reader be sure to do so in advance.  Please remember if you are planning to accept cash be sure that you have enough small bills such as $1s and $5s. 

5. Get Help: Depending on how many people will be at the actual event you might need to have 1 or more employees/volunteers.  Trying to run a booth on your own can be a little of a challenge.  If you are suddenly hit with 3 customers at once it will be quite difficult for you to introduce yourself, answer questions, bag the merchandise, collect payments, and prompt them to get on the email list. Sheeshhh! I've been there and done that.  It's not fun! I highly suggest that you ask family and friends to help you.  


Hey boss, I hope you found these tips helpful.  If you need more inspiration on booth set up be sure to hop on Pinterest and search Vendor Booth Inspiration just to get your ideas flowing. Be sure to leave a comment to let me know which tip was the most helpful. I wish you the best. 

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